Public mint open!

Public Mint open






Who tha hell are these guys?

SPSC is a limited collection of 5,555 of the most badass category of individuals who ever inhabit the metaverse, reckless treasure hunters who breathe fire and feed on adventures for booty.
Each pirate works as an id card for the holder and is the only way to open the doors for the secret club members areas, in addition to granting special benefits while he owns it.
SPSC is pronouced as “space” S-Pa-SZC


What you can do with them?

SPSC Edition One is the key to the future project.
Owning a Space Pirate Genesis gives you exclusive access to the release of the following editions, the right to participate in the governance of NFT, and the events set out in the roadmap. By owning an SPSC ID, you have the ability to shape the future of an ecosystem of staggering possibilities.


+ 10 unique races

Each pirate is created from a base head race, whose attributes are algorithmically choosen using a large number of facial features, items, and clothing elements, creating a completely unique character each time.
  • + 10 different heads bases for each race
    + 10 different heads skins per head
  • + 75 Traits & objects per race
  • 10 legendary IDs


The timeline for the SPSC

Phase one

To initiate new members into the SPSC, The Dr.Willy will work on these projects as more Space Pirates are sold.
The progress of the activations will be shared on the Discord server.


This has only just begun!

  • Allocation of funds towards collabs, strategic marketing, comunity building and new development areas. The vision of the project is to grow into a fun and healthy community.
  • The Discord server will be updated with new fancy and server rooms and boosted with new upgrades tiers.


Ahoi sailor!

  • The captain has ordered 5 of our reserve Pirates to be launched with rocket ships to random SPSC holders (Let the first round of AirDrop begun!)
  • New channels will be opened for the community on the discord server destined to carry out various contests with prizes in ether.


SPSC Wearables and usables pliz

  • Merch and pop stuff will go go, captain!. Special and limited edition apparel merchandise will be shipped to SPSC holders, the decision of the winners will be made through a public election using algorithms without human intervention and notified through the Discord channel.
  • 5 unique 3d printed and curated models of space pirates will be made and sent to SPSC holders at the addresses they choose, all notifications made through the Discord server and published on twitter.


SPSC brand captain?

  • The captain demands to get SPSC listed on, Dr.Willy will do its best
  • 10 pirate prisoners will be freed and released through Air Drop


Pets Uncaged

  • The pirate pet project is started and delivered one month after the full sale.
  • High-space pirates spend a lot of time outside, most of them need a pet to accompany them on their adventures and give them a little mental health.
    Dr. Willy has prepared the release of the “companions pets”, some funny collectible creatures that will be given to SPSC holders. Each ID will be awarded 1 pet.
    Furthermore, these pets are “mostly” intelligent and agile beings (except for those who are complete useless idiots) that will help pirates in their missions.


SPSC Mutation… errr Upgrading Machine project begins

  • The upgrade machine project goes live and is published late 2022. All updates will be notified through social networks… Yaaarrrr!
  • Dr. Willy is working on a new instrument: the mutation machine… ehem, I wanted to say: The upgrading Machine! . Once completed, SPSC ids holders will be able to create new pirates using the DNA and pieces of the previous ones to create new super cool Pirates!
  • You must have 2 Pirates from different races to create a mutant ehem, Super Pirate. The result will be a totally new mutant for free, that will go straight to the holder wallet!, Gas will be charged during the creation process.
    Depending on the race you could obtain a cyborg, mutant, alien, monster, robonaut…
    There is also the possibility that the experiment will fail and a turd with eyes will come out.

Phase two : Project Long Term Vision

After SoldOut

When the public sale ends, operations will begin for the implementation of the second phase of the project.
  • Creation of an interactive meeting place for the holders in the metaverse
  • Hiring of new artists and developers for the export phase and full compatibility with metaverses
  • Creation and launch of an internal token completely integrated with the SPSC universe to carry out various actions related to the economy and gamification of the project.
  • Creation of a metaverse full of minigames for the community with score boards and prizes in the SPSC token.
  • “The lottery” will be held, which consists of a prize of 10 SPSC tokens per day for one year to the winners.
  • Because we pirates of the new age like to be shiny. SPSC will launch an online alternative clothing franchise in which token holders will have discounts and special benefits.


  • A month later from the 100% milestone will open for business “the Bar”, which will be the first virtual social gather room for the comunity to be created.
  • The bar will be the meeting place for multiple interactive leisure and entertainment activities for SPSC holders
  • There will also be a small convenience back store where you can buy new items and outfits for the pirate, all in limited editions of course.


  • Buy land for the SPSC in decentraland and/or the sandbox. Because all of us pirates like to bury treasure, and you need land to do it!
  • Port characters and assets to different metaverses as playable characters
  • Deploy the characters in different file formats (.fbx .stl) for users to create custom projects (as renders, animations, games, resin figures…)


SPSC will have it's own Token bringing privilegies to holders
  • The token will be used to create a circular healthy economic system in benefict of the project, holders and contributors.
  • With the SPSC token you will be able to buy at the shop, do regular trading, and recruit new members for your crew. Anyone can hold and trade SPSC tokens but you need at leas one pirate to be able to recruit or buy assets and objects for the characters.
  • Each genesis holder will be rewarded with SPSC coins a day as long as the project life.
  • Pirates loves shiny things, also art and everything valuable. So There are gonna be fractionalized shares for high en assets buyed for the community.

What is SPSC (Space Pirates Secret Club)

SPSC is a club, a community for the bravest and most ruthless individuals in the universe YAAARRR… The SPSC unit of measure is SP which stands for Space Pirate, but to summarize it we will call it “Pirate”

SPSC holders are “members” whose membership is called “Pirate ID”; The “Environment” in which the various activities will take place will be called the Club. As a “Club” Dr. Willy proposes the creation and activation of digital spaces outside of conventional barriers, being able to exist “real” physical places located in places on planet earth or spaces in the metaverse and the traditional WWW and which will be directly linked to the SPSC holder ID; In these clubs, “Activities” of various kinds will be carried out, mostly ludic;
SPSC holders will also receive royalties raised after the total sale and creation of the internal token, which will last as long as they are in possession of an ID.

How much do a SPSC unit cost?

Each Space Pirate will cost 55 Matic each.

How many SPSC units will be?

There will only be 5,555 Space Pirates for the SPSC collection.

Why is SPSC better than other comunities?

Because the coolest thing in the universe is to be a pirate and if not you just have to read the urban dictionary descriptions about what it is to be a pirate.
Also by belonging to the club you will obtain a series of incredible benefits as the project improves and progresses.
In this club, pirates will live off loot and royalties! So join the club and become a pirate!

Will be more Pirates in the future?

No, this collection will be the only one to contain Space Pirates, and 555 of them will contain the genesis trait.

In the future, Dr Willy has plans for a lateral expansion of the universe for the Secret Club with new characters and races but they are still a mystery, also they will be separate collections and will serve complementary purposes to the genesis collection.

Breed and enrollment are another matter, there are plans to create something amazing out of it!

How and Who can buy an SPSC?

Once public sales is open, you will be able to mint SPSC from our website (you need the website address) using metamask for a fixed price of 55 Matic each + gas. A maximum of 5 pirates will be established per transaction, and a max of 20 per wallet. When they are sold out, they will only be on the secondary market at

When does the sale start?

We’re expecting great things to happen during the first quarter of 2022 (Q1-2022), and one of those is the reveal date for the sale event.

What are the Licensing rights / Intellectual property?

All SPSC holders are given commercial rights to their specific  Pirate. You can sell its likeness, make derivatives of it or you can give others permission to use it. It’s completely yours.

How will minting work?

Minting is a random process by nature, but we have implemented a secondary layer of randomness to the minting process on the contract to ensure a fair distribution.

You will be able to mint your pirates directly on our website using our mint DAPP.

Secondary sales will be available through opensea

Where can I see my SPSC after purchasing it?

You’ll have your SPSC images IDs the at the same moment of minting, Dr.Willy is working hard to achieve it. Later you can see your SPSC ID card(s) on the opensea website.

You can see your SPSC image on and go to your Profile. Later tools will be implemented on the website for SPSC holders, stay tuned to our social networks for more information.

Are SPSC NFT's on ERC-721 or ERC-1155?

ERC-721 for sure, and they will be rolled out on the Polygon – Matic network due to obscene Ethereum gas prices.

Why are you using ERC-721 instead of ERC-1155 ?

Dr Willy loves the multi-purpose idea of the ERC-1155 contract, but the first collection is the genesis of the project and its mere existence wants it to be considered pure gold. Future gamification projects will be derived and can be implemented in ERC-1155 to provide greater flexibility.
Also, this collection is already launched on the Polygon-Matic network, thinking about speed, low gas fees and everything that gamification could involve.

Do community will govern over SPSC?

Dr. Willy is quite convinced to agree to democratize several of the decisions regarding the future of the club and the community, as well as the creation of polls for its implementation. So as an SPSC holder you will also have a fundamental role during its existence.

20% of the total sales will be derived from the SPSC economics token, and locked into a liquidity pool to ensure the future of the project in a long term. The holders of the SPSC ids will be both participants and owners of the advancement and future of the project and of the following phases that involve it.

Holders of genesis tokens will receive 5 doubloons per day for 5 years (only valid if they own and keep the genesis token).

5% of all Secondary sales will go to the Community Vault. Fund settlements will be set in the future according to the roadmap with the creation of the internal token.